K Latha Narasimhamurthy
Former Corporator, Ward 174, Bangalore
Non-Official Director, Bharat Dynamics Ltd

Ashoka Safe Roads Campaign

The Safer Roads, Safer India Challenge was in early 2014 to increase public awareness of road safety and to stimulate ideation and innovation as well as social entrepreneurship in the Road Safety space. It is run by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a premier global independent safety science company, and Ashoka, a global network of changemakers.

HSR NIP(Neighbourhood Improvement Program) was a winner for the Safe Roads Challenge . There were over 80 entries coming from allover India.

India has the worst road traffic accident rate on earth. Every year, the country claims more than 10 percent of the world�s 1.24 million victims of road crashes, collisions, and other incidents, according to the World Health Organization.

HSR Ward 174 is pioneering in a new concept named Neigbourhood Improvement Programme(NIP). One of the main objectives of NIP is to make roads safer for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Due to the disconnect between the people using the roads and the authorities that plan and develop, the problems faced by the users are not addressed fully. The idea of NIP is to bring together consumers with the providers to arrive at a meaningful solution. This is done under the leadership of the local elected representative, the corporator.

The corporator brings together the stakeholders through regular meetings and discussions to identify the issues that are local, arrive at a solution and implement the same. The concerns of the residents are gathered by feedback through the website, emails and in NIP awareness programs conducted for this very purpose. As a result of this, the NIP proposal is formed. The HSR NIP proposes pedestrian and vehicular safety, urban green networks and NMT networks. These provide easy access within the neighbourhood and to public transport corridors and will facilitate safe access and connectivity to parks, play grounds and lake areas within the neighbourhood.